Boat Safety Training in Alberta

If you want to operate a pleasure craft in Alberta or anywhere else in Canada, you'll need to take the boat operator exam and get your pleasure craft operator license. The in-person boat safety training course offered by our associates not only gives you all the information you need to pass the exam, but the training you get could save a life.

If you prefer not to take the 3 hour in-person class, you can also choose our online boat safety training; then simply book an appointment with an Alberta associate to take the Transport Canada approved boat operator exam. The test only takes about 45 minutes.

Take Your Exam Online! or Take a classroom course in Alberta

Alberta, Canada does not have a coast, but that does not stand in its way of being an exciting and diverse destination for anglers and boaters. A great feature of Alberta is its continental climate, which ensures wonderful summertime conditions. Some of Alberta’s most popular lakes include Abraham, Beauvais, Cold, Keho and Waterton. All of these lakes, and others, have tight integration with the park system, so in addition to power boating, sailing, jet boating and waterskiing, you can camp, hike, fish, do ecological tours or visit the recreation centers on shore. The larger lakes have marinas and charters, so that visitors can rent yachts, cruisers, jet boats, paddleboats and so on.

However, in order to take advantage of any of the motorized vehicles, at least in the captain’s chair, you need a boat operator license. It is the law in Canada, and they will accept a license from any Canadian province as well as equivalent licenses, like one from the US. The regular craft operator license requires renewal every two years, and the pleasure craft operator license, which is more expensive, is good for a lifetime. The easiest way to get your license is to take the exam online. The fee covers multiple retests, and once you pass, they will mail the permanent license to you within the month. An alternative is to schedule the test at your destination, and then take it when you arrive.

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Online Course

Take your exam online and get your PCOC Card!

Classroom Courses

To obtain your boating license in a classroom setting, please select your province below:

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