Boat Safety Training in New Brunswick

If you're going to operate a pleasure craft in New Brunswick or anywhere else in Canada, you need a pleasure craft operator license. You can't get your card without scoring 75% or higher on the boat operator exam, and our associates can help you.

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Make an appointment with a New Brunswick associate to take the 3 hour, in-person boat safety training course, and they'll also administer the Transport Canada approveds boat operator exam. Boat safety training is also available online, but you'll still need to book an appointment with an associate to take the boat operator exam in person.

Boating enthusiasts cherish New Brunswick because of the diversity it provides. If you prefer saltwater, then you can set off from one of New Brunswick’s many marinas. Once on the high seas, you can visit the area’s many sun-baked isles, or you can stick to coast where you can explore the lagoons, coves and multitude of other interesting and unusual features. For freshwater adventure, New Brunswick provides lakes, such as Grand Lake, with power boating, sail boating, jet boats and the like. It also offers many rivers, some slow and meandering, such as the historic Miramichi River, and some fast and raging, such as the Reversing Rapids, where you canoe, kayak and raft.

New Brunswick offers many great opportunities for non-captains, such as cruises and tours on the ocean as well as historic cruises and riverboats. The best way to experience New Brunswick, however, is to helm your own boat or a rental and to take the family on an adventure. In order to do that, however, you will need a boat operator card because it is the law. In fact, the charters will not even rent to you without one. Fortunately, the license is not difficult to get, and if you already have one from another province or an equivalent card from the US, you are already set. If you need one, the easiest way to get it is to take the exam online. The card will arrive in about four weeks.

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