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Don't take your boat out without your pleasure craft operator license. Canadian residents (including those in Manitoba) must pass the boat operator exam with a score of 75% or better to get their boater license.

If you want to make sure you pass the 45 minute exam on the first try, it's highly recommended that you take a boat safety training course from one of our Manitoba associates. No time for a 3 hour class? You can also get boat safety training online, then book an appointment with an associate to take the test in person.

Take Your Exam Online! or Take a classroom course in Manitoba

The province of Manitoba is a popular Canadian destination for boaters because of its thousands of lakes and rivers, and because the summertime boating conditions are pristine. Some of the largest lakes in the area, such as Lake Manitoba, draw tourists during the summer months from all over the world. Canada, Manitoba in particular, does an excellent job with the park system in relation to its lakes. Lake Manitoba, for instance, has a flourishing commercial area as well the full range of park services. Visitors can come to the lake to stay in hotels, lodges or at campsites, enjoy the various lake activities, and take advantage of the hiking, shopping, movie theaters, dining and so forth.

No Manitoba vacation is complete without the opportunity to helm your own boat on one of its lakes or along one of its river. The law in Canada, however, requires a boat operator card. If you do not have one, the charters cannot rent to you, and if the authorities catch you driving a boat without it, the fines can be quite steep. Fortunately, acquiring a boat operator card is not difficult. In fact, if you take the exam online, it is quite easy, and they will mail the license to you within a few weeks. The basic card is relatively inexpensive. The fee covers retests, and you only have to renew the card every two years. The pleasure craft upgrade is more expensive, but it does not require renewal.

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