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To legally operate a pleasure craft, Canadian residents (including those in British Columbia) must have an operator license. To get one, you must pass the boat operator exam with a score of 75% or higher.

For the best possible chance of passing the boat operator exam on the first try, we strongly recommend taking a boat safety training course from one of our associates. The in-person boat safety training class takes about 3 hours, and includes all the information you will need to pass the 45 minute exam. You may also choose our online boat safety training, after which you can simply book an appointment with one of our associates.

Take Your Exam Online! or Take a classroom course in BC

The Canadian province of British Columbia is a special place for boaters, anglers and anyone who just simply enjoys nature. It boasts stunning views, a diverse ecosystem and in the south, Vancouver as well as close proximity to Washington. Along its coast, BC has ports, marinas, waterfronts, inlets, sounds, straits and its legendary fjords. There are also a number of islands nearby, such as Moresby and Vancouver Island, but British Columbia’s offerings for boaters are not limited to the coast. Inland, the area offers numerous rivers and lakes, such as the Barriere Lakes and the Thompson Rivers, where visitors can sail, jet boat and even experience whitewater rapids.

In the event that you want to pilot a motorized boat while in BC, make sure that your documents are in order. Canada law requires everyone who drives a boat to have a basic boat operator license, from Canada or an equivalent card from the US. If you do not have one, the best way to acquire one is to take the test online. A one-time fee covers the exam and multiple retests, and once you pass, they will mail the card to you within four weeks. If you do not have that much time, you can instead schedule the exam in British Columbia. You can then take the exam when you arrive, and if you pass, they will provide you with a temporary card. They send the permanent license by mail.

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Classroom Courses

To obtain your boating license in a classroom setting, please select your province below:

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