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To legally operate a pleasure boat, Canadian residents (including those in Newfoundland) must obtain their pleasure craft operator license. To get one, you have to pass the boat operator exam with a score of 75% or higher.

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For the best possible chance of passing the boat operator exam on the first try, we highly recommend that you take a boat safety training course from one of our Newfoundland associates. The in-person boat safety training class takes about 3 hours, and includes all the information you'll need to pass the 45 minute exam. You may also choose our online boat safety training, after which you can simply book an appointment with one of our associates.

Newfoundland, which is an island on Canada’s east coast and an aspect of the Newfoundland and Labrador province, is a popular tourist destination, especially for boating enthusiasts. Year round, but particularly during the summer months, the island is alive with a wide array of boating activities, including tours, sporting events, trade shows, and museums as well as other historic and cultural events. Some of the most popular tours include Bontours-Bonne Bay Boat Tour, the Gatherall’s Puffin and Whale Watch, the Twillingate Island Boat Tour and the Northland Discovery Tour. People also come to the island for private boating. The area offers a number of prestigious marinas and many charters, and there are numerous places to explore along Newfoundland’s incredible coast as well as inland.

In order to do that, however, you will need a boat operator license. Canada requires it by law. Without it, the boating authorities can levy fines against you, and the charter companies will be unable to rent to you. Fortunately, it is not difficult to get a license, and you might not even need one if you have one from another province or an equivalent US license. If you do require one, the easiest way is to take an online exam. It is a one-time fee even if you require retests, and as soon as you pass, they mail the card to you. It takes about a month to arrive. Temporaries are available more immediately, and if you do not have a month, you can schedule to take the exam in Newfoundland.

Norman, Gary
Baie Verte, Newfoundland
Phone: 709-532-8234
Phone2: 709-532-7471
[email protected]

Harbour Authority of Burin
Drake, Marguerite

Burin, Newfoundland
Phone: 709-891-1051
[email protected]

Harbour Authority of Grand Bank
Snook, George

Grand Bank, Newfoundland
Phone: 709-832-0255
[email protected]

Harbour Authority of Hearts Content
Piercy, Danny

Hearts Content, Newfoundland
Phone: 709-583-2806
[email protected]

Harbour Authority of Long Cove
Peach, Calvin

Long Cove/Norman"s Cove, Newfoundland
Phone: 709-592-8131
Phone2: 709-592-2099
[email protected]

Harbour Authority of Port-de-Grave
Ralph, Bill

Port-de-Grave, Newfoundland
Phone: 709-786-8560
Phone2: 709-786-7759
[email protected]

Fudge, Rick
Triton, Newfoundland
Phone: 709-263-2486
[email protected]

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