Northwest Territories: Boat Operator Exam

All Canadian (and subsequently Northwest Territories) boat operators must pass the boat operator exam and get their pleasure craft operator license before they hit the water. To pass the exam, boaters need to score 75% or higher. That's not too difficult if you've taken a boat safety training course from one of our Northwest Territories associates.

You can take the training online, or contact an associate to take a 3 hour, in-person boat safety training class. By taking this class, you'll gain all the knowledge you need to pass the boat operator exam and stay safe on the water. If you choose the online boat safety training, you'll need to book an appointment with an associate to take the boat operator exam in person.

The Northwest Territories is grand and vibrant region of Canada that draws outdoorsman from all around the world. NT is a wonderland for those who truly want to get away from civilized life. So if the idea is to take a three-day boat trip without a person in sight, the Northwest Territories is the place. NT is not all outback, however, and areas of Great Bear Lake, Great Bear River and the Mackenzie River, for instance, have resort-like appeal, including hotels, camping sites, recreation centers, marinas, boat ramps and so forth. Visitors can sail or power boat on the lake, and there are charters available to rent cruisers, sailboats, jets boats, canoes, paddleboats and so forth.

In Canada, it is the law that all boat operators have a boat operator license, and that is true in the Northwest Territories as well. In fact, a business cannot rent a motorized water vessel to you without one, and if the authorities find you driving a boat without one, you face significant penalties. Fortunately, a boat operator card is relatively easy to acquire. The simplest way is to take the test online. You only pay once, even if you fail multiple times. Once you pass, the card arrives in 3-4 weeks, and then you have to renew every 2 years. If you upgrade to the pleasure craft card, you never have to renew. Temporary cards are also available if your permanent does not arrive in time.

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