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Canadian residents (including those in Nova Scotia) are required to have their pleasure craft operator license onboard at all times. You can't get your boater license without scoring 75% or higher on the boat operator exam. You can contact a Nova Scotia associate to take the 45 minute test but, before you do, it's recommended taking a boat safety training course.

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You can take the training online, or contact a Nova Scotia associate to take a 3 hour, in-person boat safety training class. By taking this class, you'll gain all the knowledge you need to pass the boat operator exam and stay safe on the water. If you choose the online boat safety training, you'll need to book an appointment with an associate to take the boat operator exam in person.

One of the Canadian Maritime provinces, Nova Scotia is a bustling boating community, and each year, particularly during the summer months, visitors come from all over North America and the world. One of the most appealing aspects of Nova Scotia is its coastline. There are guided cruises, tours, eco-tours and other events that visitors can experience. The area also has many marinas and charters, so visitors can take a boat out to explore the coast and its islands, coves, lagoons, bays and so forth. Some adventurous boaters take a cruise around the island, such as starting at the Strait of Canso and ending at the southern tip in the Town of Yarmouth, a historic seafarer’s port.

Whether you plan to take a lengthy cruise or small jaunt while in Nova Scotia, you will need a boat operator license as required by law. The charters cannot legally rent to you without it, and even if you plan to bring your own boat, it is illegal do so without an operator card. The penalties are quite high. The good news is that it is rather simple to get one, especially if you have about four months until your trip. Simply take the boat exam online, and then Newfoundland and Labrador ships the permanent license to you in about a month. If you leave sooner than a month, you may want to call and schedule an appointment. You can then take the test when you arrive there in Newfoundland. They still mail the permanent to your mailing address, but they also give you a temporary card.

Baddeck Marine/Dundee Marine
Allison, Gregor

Baddeck, Nova Scotia
Phone: 902-295-2434

Paradise Kayaks
Makrides, Nicolas

Catalone, Nova Scotia
Phone: 902-733-3244
[email protected]

Forbes, Brenda
Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia
Phone: 902-295-2434

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