Saskatchewan: Boat Operator Exam

Operating a pleasure craft in Saskatchewan or anywhere in Canada without an operator license may result in a big fine. To get the license, you need to pass the 45 minute boat operator exam with a score of at least 75%.

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Our Saskatchewan associates offer a 3 hour, in-person boat safety training course that will help you pass the boat operator exam and give you peace of mind in knowing you'll be safe on the water, this summer. If you can't make it to an in-person class, you may also choose our on-line boat safety training, then just book an appointment with a Saskatchewan associate to take the test.

Saskatchewan, a Canadian province, is landlocked, but its hundreds of rivers and lakes make it an enticing destination for boaters, anglers and nature lovers from all around the world. Altogether, Saskatchewan boasts some one-hundred thousand rivers and lakes. There are plenty of wide-open spaces, such as Candle Lake, where visitors can power boat, jet boat and even waterski. A more tranquil lake, such as the incredibly popular Lake Diefenbaker, allows visitors to enjoy the best sail boating Saskatchewan has to offer as well as canoeing, kayaking and house boating. On the large rivers, take part in riverboats, cruises and tours. On rivers of all sizes, enjoy a tranquil meandering boat trip, or find raging whitewater and test yourself by canoe, kayak or raft.

Most of Saskatchewan’s outdoor entertainment is available to anyone. However, if you plan to operate your own motorized water vessel anywhere in Canada, then you require a boat operator license. The basic boat operator card from any province, or even an equivalent card from the US, is all you need. The fee for the basic card covers retesting, if needed, and the card requires renewal every two years. The pleasure craft boat operator card is a lifetime card that does not require renewal ever. The easiest way to get both of these cards is to take the test online, and the card will arrive at your home in 3-4 weeks of passing. Temporary operator cards are available from any of the land-based licensing centers.

Brown, Walter
Flaxcombe, Saskatchewan
Phone: 306-463-3946
[email protected]

Evergreen Agencies
Dobson, Eileen

Leask, Saskatchewan
Phone: 306-466-4811
Fax: 306-466-2322

Manor Agencies
Soroka, Joanne

Redvers, Saskatchewan
Phone: 306-452-3393
Fax: 306-452-3207

Canwest Boat Safe
Allary, Evan/Caron

Regina, Saskatchewan
Phone: 888-668-2000
Phone2: 306-933-2628
[email protected]

Boat Safe Saskatoon Inc.
Donauer, Randy

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Phone: 866-848-2628
Phone2: 306-291-4475
[email protected]

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